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OUR MEDICAL COLLECTION SERVICES INCLUDE: Respectfully reminding your patients of their financial obligations.  Our collection approach utilizes a consistent and progressive multi-contact program employing recovery specialists, a series of increasingly urgent letters and telephone autodialing messaging designed to maintain constant communications with your patients.

In additional to customary collection letters, AR Resources also utilizes specialty letters to enhance cash recovery by informing the patient of their insurance payor’s adjudication decision:

§         Applied to deductible

§         Coverage not in effect/ terminated

§         Need information

§         Insurer paid the patient

Our methods are diplomatic, ethical and persistent. We will treat your patients professionally and motivate them within the guidelines and regulations set forth by HIPAA and FDCPA requirements.

As experience Healthcare collectors we are able to re-file or submit new insurance claims for patients if the need is identified at any point during the collection process.

We track and report regularly the performance of your accounts and will implement new collection strategies as needed to enhance performance.

Thirty-five (35%) percent of delinquent patients move at least once annually.  AR Resources partners with the top Skip Tracing and Credit Reporting companies to utilize proprietary technology to locate hard-to-find patients.

AR Resources also contacts non-responsive insurance payors with our unique insurance claim status inquiry program.