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AR Resources’ unique insurance claim resolution program was developed using our front-line billing and collection experience as healthcare executives and has produced superior collection results for a variety of healthcare providers.  The insurance program is a series of timed, successive contacts that re-opens healthcare claims; reducing DSO, eliminating write-offs and increasing cash collections.

Physicians do not need distractions while serving their patients.  Cash flow problems can be a major distraction.  Yet studies have found that thirteen to twenty-five percent of a medical office's accounts receivable go ninety (90) days or longer without being paid.

AR Resources, Inc. can remove this distraction and reduce a physician's aged receivables by generating cash through our Insurance Claim Resolution Program.  AR Resources specializes in medical collection services that compliment the physician's billing and collection efforts.

Staffed with specialists, not generalists.  Each member of our collections staff has experience in medical billing and insurance claim follow-up.

The program is customizable.  We work with your staff and systems to create an efficient and easy to use program that generates cash

Our program motivates slow payors and gets your customers involved in the adjudication process.

Revisits claims “stalled” in cumbersome payer policies.

Provides corrective answers for previously denied claims.

FEES Our insurance Claim Resolution program is a customizable program designed to fit your needs.  Our fee structure can be a percentage of the cash recovered or fixed fee and calculated based on the quantity of accounts assigned.