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AR Resources offers two fee structures for our programs; Contingency and Fixed Fee.  We understand there are different collection requirements for each of our clients.  We will review your accounts with you and determine the most cost effective approach for you to obtain the recovery results you deserve.

Fees typically range from 25%-40% depending on the age and the balance of the account when placed.  GAURANTEED NO FEES unless cash is recovered. AR Resources earns a percentage of the cash collected.

Contingency collections are designed for problems accounts that need the personal attention of our collectors.  AR Resources utilizes a persistent and progressive multi-contact program employing recovery specialists, a series of increasingly urgent letters and telephone autodialing messaging designed to maintain constant communications with your debtors.   Our methods are diplomatic, ethical and determined. We will treat your debtors professionally within the guidelines and regulations set forth by the FDCPA.

»        GAURANTEED NO FEES unless cash is recovered.

»         Maximizes cash recovery for problem accounts.

»         Skip Tracing and Credit Reporting provided at no additional cost to you. 

»         Lower cost alternative to staffing and managing in-house collection solutions or departments.

Our Fixed Fee program is a pre-paid letter service for as little as $6.00 to $12.00 an account. Our fees are calculated based on the quantity of accounts assigned and is payable at time of account placement. 

»         Our results are GUARANTEED!

»         Fixed Fees allows you to budget your collection costs.

»         Our program recovers cash.

»         All money is paid directly to you.

»         Motivates slow paying customers by demonstrating your resolve to collect the balance due.

»         We are a lower cost alternative to in-house follow-through solutions.

»         Faster cash recovery with earlier placement of accounts to collections.