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Property managers and associations working with AR Resources, Inc. realize the advantage of partnering with an experienced collection agency committed to recovering their past due assessments and fees.  AR Resources has been collecting association fees for multiple communities for several years. We stay up–to-date with the statutes governing association covenants, fees, fines and assessments.  We understand your requirements.

»      No start-up fees

»       No expensive attorney’s fees. Our rates are based on cash recovered.  If our efforts are unsuccessful we will release your accounts so you can pursue further legal actions if necessary.

»       Simply sending a demand letter doesn’t work!  Our proprietary collection approach utilizes a consistent and progressive multi-contact program employing recovery specialists, a series of increasingly urgent letters and telephone autodialing messaging designed to maintain constant communications with your Homeowners.

»       Skip Tracing and Credit Reporting at no additional cost.  We are able to locate hard to find property owners.

»       Our methods are diplomatic, ethical and persistent. We will treat your property owners professionally.

»       We track and report regularly the performance of your accounts. Specialized reports are available at no additional cost.

Before your association spends money on upfront attorney’s fees you owe it to yourself and your associations to review our services.  If you have any questions, or if you need additional information or references, please do not hesitate to call us 1 (888) 277-1887